AI Content Checker for Authenticity Verification

Check AI-generated content and verify authenticity. The AI content checker tool analyzes text to identify patterns indicative of artificial intelligence generation, helping you ensure the credibility and originality of your content.

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Your content defines you. This is why you must ensure it doesn't reek of AI-generated text. Awkward phrasing, unnatural flow, and repetitive words will kill your chances of crafting a flawless write-up.

With our AI Content Checker, you can easily detect AI-generated and paraphrased content, thereby preserving the authenticity of your work.

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How to Use AI-Content Checker


Paste your text in the given field above or click the “Attach” button to browse and upload the file of your choice


Press the “Check AI” button


Get your AI-Content Verification result instantly. The tool will instantly show the percentage of AI-generated text in your content.

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Why Use the AI Content Checker Tool

Checking for AI content can be challenging. Often, AI detectors flag original content as AI or pass AI-generated content as original. Our AI Content Checker helps to avoid this confusion.

With this AI-content checker, you know exactly how much AI content is in your write-ups. Within a few seconds, you'll get a percentage representing the amount of AI content in your text. Not only is this tool super-fast but also incredibly easy to use.

Here is why AI - Content Checker is better than other AI detectors out there:

99% Accuracy

The tool uses advanced technology and processes to efficiently scan and detect AI content, ensuring great reliability.

User-friendly Interface

A few simple clicks are all you need to determine exactly how much AI content is in your write-ups.

Checks All AI Content

Detects AI content generated with any AI model, including ChatGPT 3.5, ChatGPT 4, Gemini, Claude, and more.


With our AI-Content Checker, you can ensure quick results without compromising accuracy. Check up to 1300 words at a time.

Detailed Analysis

Get a deep analysis of your content, analyzing semantic coherence, stylistic elements, and linguistic patterns.

Detects Plagiarism

Instantly detect if the AI-generated content has been paraphrased or plagiarized and ensure originality.


Personal connection is key in a blog post. Check if your blog content is AI-written and update it with human writing, maintaining trust with your readers and improving your SEO rankings.

Content Writers

As a content writer, you don’t want your content to be flagged as AI-written. Check your content for AI before submitting it to your clients to win their trust and build long-lasting relationships.


Detecting AI-generated content is important to grade accurately. With our AI checker, you can easily check if the students have used AI tools to write their assignments or papers, helping you with fair valuation.


Your assignments and research papers should be done 100% by you. Use our AI tool to catch all AI content in your work so that you rewrite it and submit 100% original work that makes your professor happy.

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