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AI Humanize

Text generated with AI tools like ChatGPT and Bard (Gemini)



AI detection score and bypass leading AI detectors


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AI Text Humanizer that turns AI-generated Text Undetectable

The Free AI Text Humanizer uses advanced AI technology and natural language processing to transform your robotic AI text into more authentic, human-alike and natural text in just one click. This also helps you bypass AI detectors.

Before Humanizing with RewriterPro

You’ll find many AI detection removers out there, but most of them create even more complicated and hard-to-read text that fails to pass AI detection. You don’t have to worry about this with RewriterPro.
Passesas Human Written

After Humanizing with RewriterPro

Compassionate discipline is about understanding why someone acts a certain way and helping them make better choices. It is not just about punishing bad behavior. It focuses on empathy, teaching, and building a supportive relationship. This method encourages self-reflection and emotional well-being. It is not about being easy but about being helpful and respectful. The goal is to create a safe and valued environment for positive change.

100% Human Content Score with Leading AI Detectors

RewriterPro makes AI text generated by any language model sound and read like human-written so that it bypasses AI detectors. It makes your AI text undetectable by leading AI content detectors, including:
GPT Image 1

ChaGPT 3.5

GPT Image 2

ChaGPT 4

Gemini AI Image

Gemini (Google Bard)

Jasper Image

Jasper AI

Improve Human Content Score Now

No Content Spinning – It's a Real, Accurate AI Text Humanizer

You’ll find many content-spinning tools to humanize your AI text.. but that text makes no sense 99% of the time. It’s filled with out-of-the-context synonyms and flowery words that make your content less engaging, sometimes even changing the original meaning altogether. This is not the case with RewriterPro.
Our AI Text Humanizer turns your AI-generated text into human-like so that it passes even manual AI checks. It uses natural language processing to give your AI content a complete human touch without compromising the accuracy or quality of the content.

And It Not Only Humanize. It Detects AI Content too!

The AI Humanizer also has a built-in AI checker that automatically scans the text and gives a score on how likely the content is written by AI. If the output fails to bypass AI detection, you can regenerate the text.

How to Remove AI Detection with AI Humanizer


Input the AI-generated text into RewriterPro or upload the file you want to humanize.


Click the 'Humanize' button.


The tool will quickly generate human-friendly content.


If you're not happy with the result, you can generate it again as many times as you like until you're satisfied.

Remove AI Detection Now for Free

Rewrite, Humanize, Detect: All-in-One AI Content Solution


Remove AI writing

Bypass leading AI detectors


Humanize AI text

Written with ChatGPT, Geminin (Bard), and other AI tools


Detect AI content

Build-in AI detector that gives a detection score

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